Other Programs

LSA Swimming offers a range of other technical and non-technical classes, these include specific workshops on stroke correction, access and inclusion programs and classes tailored for Adult Learn to Swim and Triathlon racing.

Stroke development

Our stroke development program runs for either 30 or 45-minute lesson blocks and is delivered by coaches trained in the Teacher’s with Competitive Strokes qualification issued by Austswim Australia or above.  Our program is designed to develop correct technique and endurance while becoming proficient in all 4 strokes, competitive dives and turns.

Access and inclusion Training

Our access and inclusion sessions are private one on classes which adopts an educational approach and provides a positive directive to specialist and tailored Learn to Swim programs regardless of disability, chronic condition, age and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD). All of our specialist Learn to Swim teachers have received formal training and undergone the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics – Access and Inclusion course.

Adult Learn to swim

Our program caters for complete beginners to Intermediate swimmers. These classes focus on building confidence as you learn to submerge, understand your body’s buoyancy, develop breath control, learn effective kicking and gliding as you are introduced to basic freestyle and backstroke techniques. Each lesson you will continue to build on the foundation of swimming skills, you will learn how to improve on breathing control, build stamina and develop correct stroke orientation. These programs are delivered by our qualified Teachers with specific training in teaching adult swimmers.


LSA Swimming Coaches deliver a range of Triathlon specific training sessions, these sessions have a high focus on freestyle technique, efficiency and stroke correction to be able to perform long and short distance racing specific to the needs of Triathletes.