Learn to Swim

LSA Swimming always aims to provide a unique learn to swim experience for every child. We strive for confident children and encourage children not to wear floaties but learn the skills of float, kick and swim. As students’ progress, they will learn the fundamental skills required for Freestyle and Backstroke, while each lesson will build on their own safety in and around the water.


Children learn the basics of body balance and the importance of floating. They will progress through the lesson to become confident in wall recoveries and be able to kick and paddle with a flotation aid.


The emphasis is on a horizontal position using front and back push and glides. Paddling and kicking is further developed, and they are introduced to rotation of the arms by “digging for treasure”.


Rotation of the arms is further developed to also incorporate in Backstroke and streamline kicking, this level includes a greater emphasis on water safety skills including the ability to swim with a t-shirt.


At this level your child continues to develop those ever-important breathing and kicking styles that form the foundation of effective Freestyle and Backstroke. Children start to learn reach rescue and jump entries.

Sting ray

Backstroke is further developed on with emphasis on a horizontal body position using front and back push and glides. Freestyle and Backstroke kick is further developed with Backstroke arms and bi-lateral breathing for Freestyle.


Rotation of the arms is further developed for both Freestyle and Backstroke. This level includes the introduction of Breaststroke and focuses on improved technique and breathing ability.